High Quality

Meat Bandsaw Blades for Cutting Meat & Bone

12 Years’ Experience in Manufacturing
Meat Band Saw Blades
Give it a try, you’ll love it!
Most of our customers come from our competitors and they never look back.
We focus on making bandsaw blades for cutting meat, fish and bones, and we have lots of great success stories all over the world.
e.g., for frozen meats with small bones, up to 3,500 KG per blade (vs competitor’s 2,400 KG) in Asian countries;
for frozen cow legs with big bones, more than 2,200 KG per blade (vs competitor’s 1,300 KG) in African countries.
Now we are looking for 1-2 distributors in your country.
Please contact us for free samples, and let's walk hand in hand to get great success.

Why Our EASYBEAR Blades

Meat Bandsaw Blades

Our meat bandsaw blades are worldwide renowned by selection of superior material and excellent machinability.

Blades For Cutting Bones

Our band saw blades are widely applied in cutting beef, poultry, pork, frozen meat and fish, especially for meat with bones.

High Quality Blades

Our blades are processed by Grinding to ensure the smooth and sharp teeth.
The material is high carbon steel from EU, and the teeth are heat treated for long life.

Great Price Guarantee

Higher efficiency and lower cutting costs are our pursuit.
EASYBEAR is your optimal selection of highest cost performance.

Beautiful Standard Boxes

By default, we will offer you the red standard packing boxes and wrapping paper.
These items are specially designed, great printing with our logo EASYBEAR and company SHARK TOOLS.

Optional Neutral Boxes

We can also offer you the orange neutral boxes and paper if you need.
For your big orders, we can even provide special diy boxes with YOUR logo and company information to save your more money.

Benefits that You Can Get

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