meat cutting blades


High Quality Blades

Our meat saw blades are made of high carbon steel (C75) with induction heat treated teeth.

This combination provides a superior level of hardness and wear resistance, for demanding butchers shop cutting applications.

Lower Your Costs

A leading challenge for butchers is minimizing the cost of buying meat bandsaw blades and maintaining their blades over time.

So our trusted team here is now helping guide high performance meat & bone cutting work for our clientele.

Great Grinding Technology

To produce the teeth of our top-quality blades, we use our own unique profile-grinding technology that provides:

• Sharper blades
• Cleaner cutting
• Uniform cutting geometry
• Long blade lifetime
• Little material waste

OEM & ODM orders

By default, we will offer you the red standard packing boxes and wrapping paper with our logo EASYBEAR and company information.

We can also offer you the orange neutral boxes and paper without our information, even special diy boxes with YOUR logo and company information for big orders.

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